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While the outlook for riding during the winter period is typically grim in the UK, the turn of the new year is an exciting time as most motorcycle manufacturers choose to unveil and launch their newest motorcycles. The skinny steel tubes go a long way to isolating you from the small vibrations that can intrude into the ride quality, and, combined with the 30mm tyres, result in an ideal bike for making you feel at ease on many of the poorly maintained roads around the UK.

With events like the Transcontinental Race proving popular it's this sort of bike that is becoming the go-to choice for long distance bikepacking or lightweight touring, where you want a rugged bike able to tackle any sort of terrain you might encounter, the comfortable riding position a bonus when going the distance.

If you're looking for a good all-rounder that can tackle both woodland paths and tarmac roads, adventure road bikes are perfect. The new Tiger 800 XC and XR adventure motorcycle range represents a major update in rider technology. The terms "dual-sport" and dualie” were quickly adopted by riders and the motorcycle press.

Joe's insatiable hunger for travel and exploration has taken him on many long adventures, and soon became his full time job. A motorcycle show for all motorcycle riders. They offer guided 8 and 13-day tours on BMW F700 and 800 GS motorcycles. Fulfilling her passion for riding again, she now inspires and encourages women to follow their dreams of motorcycle riding and travel.

The dash is the same, but gets a full-colour TFT treatment and gets a long list of features, including settings for the electronics suspension, and to tweak each individual rider mode. I have two of the above bikes and find anything over 32c a bit of drag, though I would certainly go out to 42c for a off roady tour on the Tripster.

If the seat height of a potential bike is far too high dual sport for you (eg 4 inches or more) it may be a case of that bike not being suitable as there is a limit to the amount some bikes can be lowered before the suspension is affected to the point it becomes a pig.

Sign up now and get the ORRO newsletter for the latest news, information and offers on our game-changing road bikes. There are a number of things to consider when selecting not just a suitable adventure bike, but an adventure bike that is suitable for you and your style of riding.

Disc brakes, especially hydraulic discs, offer more power which provides more confidence when riding off-road and are useful in mixed conditions. They also sell quality Outdoor Equipment, and can provide travel logistics and custom tour iteneraries for your next adventure of a lifetime.

Adventure isn't all about how hard you ride off-road. Based out of Pahrump, Nevada JLR Off-Road Training has been conducting schools for adventure and dual-purpose riders since 1999. Bikes that have off-the-shelf options available will normally be a lot more cost-effective and time friendly to setup.

60mm suspension fork smooths out the bumpy roads or trails. The SWM SuperDual is a lightweight adventure bike powered by a 600 cc, single-cylinder engine based on the old Husqvarna TE 160 enduro bike. Dual-sport motorcycles are the most practical choice in rural areas in many parts of the world, and when traveling on unpaved trails they can often be a necessity.

If you're looking for true adventure, you'll need some high quality bike luggage and camping gear There are a lot of great options, and many of them have been designed specifically with dual sport riders in mind. Afriski offers self-guided 4×4 and guided motorbike touring routes to rivers, dams, and mountain vistas, acting as the perfect base for exploration of the northern Maluti mountain range.

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